Keeps Your Long-Term Costs Low with Durable Equipment

We engineered all our equipment to survive the rigors of foam battle. That’s why we include a full warranty with all our products.

Grow Your Business at Your Pace

You can start small, with one on one combat. As interest in MagneTag grows, you can expand your system, adding additional vests, kiosks, and weapons.


Use Existing Equipment

We can provide you with an arsenal. Or we can help you repurpose existing weapons like Nerf guns, archery tag, or inflatables.

Put Safety First

We value safety above all else, and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the right weapons, armor, and safety protection for your guests.


Stay Current with Remote Updates

The MagneTag software updates itself automatically. We’re constantly developing new game types and options, so you’ll receive all these new features as they’re available.

Get the Support You Need

We provide customer and technical support on all our products. All our support is handled by our Milwaukee-based office, so you’ll be talking directly to the people who can help you best.