The MagneTag gaming experience is safe, active fun for all ages. You can customize the game play to fit the needs of your business.


Get Started with One-on-One Combat

Our one-on-one combat games pits two players against each other. The first player with six hits wins.

The game is highly configurable, giving you the ability to tailor the number of players, health levels, hit points, game time, and more to fit your audience.

Engage Larger Groups with Tournament Mode

With tournament mode, your customers build their own elimination bracket, letting an almost endless number of players compete against each other until a single victor emerges.

Tournaments keep larger groups engaged and playing while minimizing your staffing requirements and equipment investment.


Add to the Fun with Our Digital Announcer

Our digital announcer referees the game, helping players get suited up beforehand and instructing them how to return their equipment afterwards.

Even better, the announcer adds entertaining commentary to the game. We offer several variations of “smack talk”, ensuring all comments are fun and appropriate for your audience.

Get a Real Life Video Game Experience

Each player’s armor contains a health bar, showing how many times they’ve been hit.

The game display also creates a video game-like experience, mirroring the health bar and hit count from player’s vests.