The MagneTag Kiosk Package is the perfect fit for your family entertainment center, arcade, or brick-and-mortar attraction location.


Keep Staffing Costs Low with Self-Service

Our unattended kiosk solution minimizes your staffing costs. Our intuitive touch-screen display interacts with players, preparing them for the game and helping them return equipment after playing.

Fit Anywhere with our Small Footprint

MagneTag battlefields can be as small as 15’x15’ (5mx5m) and doesn’t require any expensive build-out. It’s a great fit for party rooms, or can be used in a common space for special events.


Skip the Complicated Setup

Our arcade-style kiosk cabinet can be installed just about anywhere. There’s no complex setup – just plug it in and start playing!

Draw a Crowd with Every Game

MagneTag is new and exciting — and it always draws a crowd. Its entertainment value extends well beyond the players.


MagneTag Kiosk Package

The MagneTag Kiosk includes everything you need to get you up and running:

  • Kiosk cabinet, which includes;

    • Touch screen 21” display

    • PC with MagneTag Hub software preloaded

    • Networking equipment to connect armor vests and PC

  • Two armor vests

  • Two swords

  • Spare vest, two spare batteries, two spare swords

  • Full warranty

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