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Magnetag is New Technology

Imagine a cross between laser tag and sword-fighting. That’s MagneTag – an exciting new gaming experience.

Players battle each other with foam swords, while sensors in their armor record hits and show their health. It’s like playing a real-life video game.

MagneTag provides a safe, family-friendly experience. The simple nature and fast-paced action of the game appeal to anyone who likes a good time — regardless of their age.

We are really excited about launching Magnetag in our new gaming centre. I first saw Magnetag at a trade show last year and really wanted to bring this to our park. We expect Magnetag to be a really popular attraction for our guests, which will add a real point of difference to our offering of thrill rides and gaming.
— Karen, owner of Playlab New Zealand

big fun. BIg roi.

At a fraction of the cost of commercial laser tag or VR, MagneTag is great investment. Whether you have 2 players or 20, our high-throughput and flexibility make sure you are always maximizing the value of your asset. MagneTag battles draw a crowd, and revenue follows.

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I’m positive that MagneTag is the next big thing because I’ve seen how our customers react to it. It is totally unlike anything on the market.
— Ryan, Owner of Bounce Milwaukee

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