Why have I never seen this before?

I know right?  We couldn't believe no one ever thought of this.  MagneTag is based on technology that has existed for many decades, but the time for missed opportunities is over. We have the technology (and we patented it).


What are the major risks in playing MagneTag?

The risk of injury really depends on how competitive you are.  It can either be a friendly game of tag or a gladiator blood sport. We recommend that you not go "beast mode" on your friends, but in case you do we have included eye protection so that you don't blind anyone.  

MagneTag uses strong rare-earth magnets.  If you didn't already know this:

Eating magnets is bad!  Letting your child or puppy ingest magnets makes you a bad parent!  Keep all lose magnets away from anyone that might be at risk!  If magnets are ingested go to the hospital immediately!

We only ship loose magnets if you want to make your own MagneTag weapons.  The foam weapons have magnets encapsulated safely inside.  Just don't let your dog chew them up.



Do you make kid sized vests?

At this time we do not make kid sized vests.  However, there is a way to do a simple modification so it fits better on small children.  Take a zip-tie and secure the two shoulder straps together on the back and it works much better. 

Can I change game modes?

Sorry, no.  Its three hits to a game.